Pre- and post- nuptial agreements

Specialisation in Family Law

Preventive advice is one of our main goals.

Starting a relationship? Thinking about getting married? Every decision has particular legal consequences which vary according to the type of partnership chosen

Our role is to mitigate the impact of a breakup. To do this, the personal and financial consequences of a separation or divorce or the end of the relationship can be agreed upon either before the marriage or the start of the relationship (Prenuptial/Pre-cohabitation Agreement) or after it has begun (Postnuptial/Post-cohabitation Agreement).

These agreements are only valid if they safeguard the interests of any children involved and if they are not seriously detrimental to either of the parties at the time of their application in terms of the financial and property issues agreed between the spouses/cohabitants.

In the case of choosing to get married, one of the immediate effects once the couple is married is that they will be subject to a specific marital property system which will lay down their financial and property relations.

The spouses can choose the matrimonial property system they prefer in the prenuptial notarial instrument.

Covenants in anticipation of a breakup can be included in this prenuptial notarial instrument to regulate the impact of potential separation or divorce.

Contratos pre y postconvivenciales

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