What we provide

Specialisation in Family Law

We plan ahead for family breakup and advise you when it happens to mitigate its consequences and guide you to find the best solution.

Servicios Despacho tamborero abogados

The highly skilled professionals at TAMBORERO, Abogados de Familia, use their expertise and specialised knowledge of Family Law legislation to guide a breakup process or plan ahead for one.

There are a number of family law legal systems in Spain. Expertise in these legal systems is crucial in order to deliver an appropriate solution. As we are based in Barcelona, Catalan Civil Law is the system which is most frequently used to resolve the issues which come up in our firm. However, we are also fully familiar with the other legal systems applicable in Spain and also with international regulations when there is a foreign aspect to the matter at hand.

What we provide

Pre- and post- nuptial agreements

-Prenuptial agreements

-Marriage contracts

Separation / Divorce

-Mutual consent / contested proceedings

-Ecclesiastical annulment

Child support

-Setting the amount

-Claims for non-payment

Family home

-Granting the right of use

-Replacing the right of use


-Custody and visitation rights

-Paternity claims and challenges

-Grandparent visitation rights

Property claims


-Settlement of the marital property system

-Termination of joint ownership (sale of the family home)

International divorce

-Applicable law


-Recognition of foreign decisions

Appeals to higher courts

-Appeals to the Supreme Court

-Appeals to High Courts

We are based in Barcelona and provide comprehensive and international family law advice