Appeals to higher courts

Specialisation in Family Law

An extraordinary instrument which can change the direction of travel.

When it has not been possible to reach an agreement, matrimonial or cohabitation breakup proceedings end with a ruling issued by the civil trial court. An appeal may be lodged against this decision with the Provincial Court, whose ruling in principle ends any review of the proceedings.

However, in some cases an extraordinary appeal may be made against the judgment handed down by the Provincial Court when it has been issued on the basis of an incorrect interpretation or application of the law. In such a case, the appeal has to be lodged with the Supreme Court or with the Regional High Court.

An appeal to the Supreme Court or a High Court is a very technical one which calls for thorough knowledge of the case law of these courts. We have this expertise and provide support to other law firms which may not offer this service in their usual areas of practise.

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