Experience and specialisation

Our greatest assets. Years of legal practise exclusively in Family Law mean we are fully conversant with how legislation and the courts’ case law evolve which enables us to provide quality advice.

Consolidated team

We have a stable and highly skilled team. The commitment of all the professionals at the firm over the years and their lifelong learning ensure excellence in the resolution of family crises.

Global knowledge

Our clients have no borders, and neither does our international counselling. We have a network of law firms specialised in Family Law which we work with on international issues.

Our firm

Two generations and more than 40 years of professional experience endorse our firm’s specialisation in Family Law both in Spain and abroad.

Our purpose is to deliver an effective response for partnerships both before they are formed and also in a crisis. To do that we have an experienced team of lawyers who will guide you in your decision making.

Despacho Tamborero abogados

What we provide

We plan ahead for family breakup and advise you when it happens to mitigate its consequences and guide you to find the best solution.

Pre- and Post- nuptial agreements

We protect assets in case the marriage or cohabitation relationship comes to an end.

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Separation / Divorce

We reorganise family life after the breakup: children, family home, assets, etc.

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We seek their wellbeing and stability after the family breakup.

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Family home

We settle disputes about the use and ownership of the property.

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Child support

We consider the financial options and the needs to be addressed to ensure the obligation is met.

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Property claims

We restructure the family’s financial and property assets.

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International divorce

We provide advice when the relationship crosses borders and there is more than one legal system involved.

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Appeals to higher courts

We refer judicial decisions whose interpretation or application of the law is incorrect to the Supreme Court.

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I have been given the best advice to make the best decisions during my divorce. Their objective view of my personal situation was crucial in achieving my goals.”


I knew my interests were being safeguarded from the moment I had my first chat with them. I achieved my goals and I also always felt I was supported in the difficult situation of a separation and two custody issues. I will be eternally grateful to you.”


“Getting divorced is a complex, emotional and lonely experience in which, and this might seem weird, neither family nor friends are able to provide you with the comfort you need. Despacho Tamborero’s professionalism and experience gave me great assurance and peace of mind, not only because of their great technical expertise but also because of their human qualities.”


“As soon as I stepped into the firm for the first time they took over everything. In addition to knowing that I could not be in better hands, at that time when I felt that everything was falling apart, the confidence, peace of mind and sense of security I got from the whole team was very important to me.”


“I ended up at Tamborero Abogados after having had a very bad experience with my previous lawyer. I can never thank the person who recommended them enough. Right from the outset I felt safe and secure with them. Today I am pleased to say that my daughters are with me thanks to their outstanding work, human quality and knowhow.”


We are based in Barcelona and provide comprehensive and international family law advice