Project Description


Ramón Tamborero Y Del Pino

Area of regular practise:

Negotiation in mutual consent divorces

Litigation: court appearances

Ecclesiastical annulment

Career path:

A lawyer who graduated from the University of Barcelona in 1973, he furthered his training as a lawyer at the Roman Rota handling ecclesiastical annulments before the Ecclesiastical Courts of Spain.

A member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), he is a member of its Matrimonial and Family Law Section.

He is a lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Family and Child Law at the University of Barcelona and on the Master’s Degree in Legal Practise at the Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE) as well as at the School of Legal Practise.

He has been Chair of the Catalan Society of Family Lawyers (SCAF), a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers (AEAFA), and Chair of the Matrimonial and Family Law Section of the Barcelona Bar Association.

He has given presentations at family law forums.

He has published several books about legal issues and family law: “Formularios de Derecho de Familia”; “Separación y Divorcio, efectos psicológicos en los hijos”, and “Matrimonio, separación y divorcio”.


Spanish, Catalan and French

Associations of jurists to which he belongs:


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